Tripping and stumbling over her words,
Loudly reciting each rhyme,
Her voice often got lost in her giggles.
She expertly moved the paintbrush over my face,
Leaving black lines above my lip to create a temporary moustache,
Succeeding in making me ‘Sringeri Srinivas’5,
Even if only for a play.
The first to sit on my back for a piggy back ride,
She squealed in delight as we ran up and down the empty fields,
The only playground she,
Had ever known.
Intrigued by my bottle blonde hair,
She touched it softly,
And knew how to defend herself from the onslaught of giggles she’d rimg_8106eceive
As I stretched out my hand,
Not hesitating to tickle me back.
Never had I given anyone a name more fitting,
For even if it was just a moment that you adorned it,
You were still my Sunshine.

  1. Sringeri Srinivas – A character from the play of Saalana Baal-Kataai Divas


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